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It’s Not Silence

It's Not Silence
Directed by: Joonas Salo
FI/SJ 201825' en

Far north, in the isles of Svalbard, is a small town called Pyramiden that was once the finest model of communism. Now the former home of Soviet workers is almost empty – only a handful of residents and workers are welcoming thousands of tourists every year. You can’t meet those who feel the need to talk to someone all the time.

Not everyone could stay here long. There is no internet, no phone connection, no television, no radio – a real privilege to stay out of modern facilities. We are almost all addicted to the constant unrest and noises of the world around us. You just calm down inside yourself in Pyramiden. You hear and listen to the sounds of nature that people usually name silence.

Foreword by the programme curator: The story of a place where abandonment, solitariness, and loneliness have taken on a new, less stigmatizing form.