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Summer Rebels

Directed by: Martina Saková
DE/SK 202092' cs/sk/de

Eleven-year-old Jonas lives in Germany together with his mother and little brother. Mom’s idea to spend their summer holidays at the seaside doesn’t seem appealing at all, so the boy flees to his cool grandpa Bernard’s place in Slovakia. It turns out that grandpa’s life has gone off the rails. The boy is not going to accept it as immutable. He befriends a girl next door and makes crazy plans to cheer the old man up and start a profitable business.

An exciting comedy about mutual support and overcoming obstacles. Touching on serious topics, the director wanted to show how determined the younger generation is to shape reality according to their own designs and to challenge the existing rules with their actions when adults are ready to give up. 

Foreword by the programme curator: The film’s environment and many details are reminiscent of Latvia – this story could easily be about us, too!