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Old Man – The Movie

Vanamehe film
Directed by: Mikk Mägi, Oskar Lehemaa
EE 201988' et

Milk is good; it is our responsibility and our cult. In a milk-obsessed community of people and cows in the Estonian countryside, the Old Man’s grandchildren come to visit. A man of strong character who believes that hard work is healing, he puts the children to doing farm chores. Soon the tiny rascals release a cow that has not yet been milked, and the cow’s udder becomes a Hitchcockian time bomb – they have only 24 hours to do everything they can to prevent a ‘lacto-apocalypse’ milk explosion.

Created by Estonian directors Mägi and Lehemaa in the genre of a road film, this claymation comedy takes the viewer on a fun off-road trip full of irony. The filmmakers highlight social criticism and how urbanization has influenced rural communities, with a subtle shot of national self-irony about how dialogue between townspeople and peasants varies, eventually leading to satire as pure as the freshest milk.