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Electrician’s Day

Elektriķa diena
Directed by: Vladimir Leschiov
LV 20188'

It all starts with a power cut. An electrician has an accident while he is carrying out renovation work at a psychiatric hospital and falls unconscious on the other side of a wall. Everything that follows is pure madness and divine transformation.

Vladimir Leschiov’s most recent film is a direct reflection on the present and on recent history. The wall of the psychiatric hospital separates two worlds. According to the director, the Napoleons, the Hitlers and the self-proclaimed of the world live in one of them. This film, which was in competition at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, is an attempt to explore what happens when we accidentally end up “there”, and what it means if the “there” is actually close to “here”.

18 October, 16:30

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