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Villa Antropoff

Villa Antropoff
Directed by: Vladimir Leschiov, Kaspars Jancis
LV/EE 201213'

Just like in a classical fairy tale, a young man leaves his family home to go out into the world and seek his fortune. Swimming across sea after sea, he finally finds himself in a kingdom of Hummer trucks, silicone and self-righteous citizens. The reverend is shivering with excitement. This must mean that there will be a wedding!

Villa Antropoff merges Latvian and Estonian animation styles and it was nominated for Best Short Film by the European Film Academy. The film combines Vladimir Leschiov’s philosophical humour and Kaspars Jancis’ social satire that is characteristic of his teacher, the great Estonian animation director Priit Pärn. The film was inspired by real events – the two directors once found themselves in a wedding ceremony at the villa of former Soviet statesman Yuri Andropov near Pärnu.

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