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FESTIVAL SELECTION film ‘Non-Fiction’ – relationships in the technological era

Olivier Assayas, the director of ‘Non-Fiction‘ included in FESTIVAL SELECTION, invites to meet a small company of Parisian intellectuals. The sophistication of the usual talks and manners turns out to be just a cover for existential anxiety, banal cheating, frustration, and confusion.The story revolves around two couples connected with the world of literature. Their professional life and relationships are strongly affected by the rapid advancement of digital technology.

The smooth flow of the film, the themes depicted, humour, and the outstanding performance of the cast will guarantee you an excellent evening. The director particularly praises the spirit of freedom, the rich imagination and the unstoppable energy brought to the set by Juliette Binoche. Their first encounter was 30 years ago when Binoche starred in the erotic drama ‘Rendez-vous’ (1985) directed by André Téchiné and co-written by Assayas. ‘Non-Fiction’ marks 10 years since her first appearance in a film directed by Assayas himself. Such films are three now: ‘Summer Hours’ (L’heure d’été, 2008), ‘Clouds of Sils Maria’ (2014) and ‘Non-Fiction’ (Doubles vies, 2018).

Non-Fiction‘ was mainly shot with a compact 16mm film camera to ensure free movement and intimacy with actors. The works of Assayas have won numerous nominations and awards at many international film festivals.

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