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KIDS WEEKEND film “Supa Modo” – the power of hope and jokes in sorrow

The cinema ‘Splendid Palace‘ will be filled with children joyfully chatting again on the first weekend of RIGA IFF. Two day long, this event will bring together families! KIDS WEEKEND invites to attend both the special short film screenings for the youngest audience and four feature films for older children. The first one we would like to announce is ‘Supa Modo‘ – a story that tells how it may take just a village to make a dream come true.

Bright gowns, an unfamiliar environment, and hope alternating with joy. Jo, a witty 9-year old terminally ill girl is taken back to her rural village to live out the rest of her short life. Her only comfort during these dull times are her dreams of being a Superhero. Inspired by her older sister, the villagers persuade Jo she really has special powers and cast her as the star of her very own movie!

Alongside with telling the story about Jo and the villagers, this film helps the world expand their understanding of the ‘African’ story – it shows a small town in Kenya as a true reflection of the place the filmmakers grew up in.

‘Supa Modo’ reveals the power of hope and jokes in times of sorrow – it does not wallow in sadness but encourage to find the strength to overcome it. The impact of the film is priceless – its crew has received emails and calls from people telling that because of watching ‘Supa Modo’ they are able to talk about death with their kids. The co-screenwriter Silas Miami points out that the story shows circumstances in which we do what we need to do to make our lives and the lives of those whom we love just a little better. In turn, we find value in who we are.

This is Likarion Wainaina’s debut as a feature film director and Stycie Wawaru’s (Jo) debut as an actress. “Supa Modo’ has won the Award for Best European Children’s Film presented by the European Children’s Film Association (ECFA) and was Kenya’s submission to the 91st Academy Awards in the category of Best Foreign Film. The German co-producer of this work is Tom Tykwer, director of the famous film ‘Run Lola Run’ (Lola rennt, 1998) and founder of the production company ‘One Fine Day Films’.

Movie writer David Opie (magazine ‘Little White Lies’) says about the film: “A love letter to the power of escapism, a devastating portrayal of grief and a Kenyan family drama that defies stereotypes, ‘Supa Modo’ serves as an important reminder that even when heroes die, they can continue to inspire others long after they’re gone.”

This film is recommended for children ages 9 and older. The screening of ‘Supa Modo’ within the framework of RIGA IFF is supported by Goethe-Institut Riga.

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