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‘Daymohk’ and ‘Sacred Ground’


A story about the Chechen dance star and choreographer Ramzan Ahmadov, whose traditional dance group Daymohk has found refuge with the Chechnya’s current president Kadyrov. The extinction of this age-old folk dance is postponed. But the price is high: Ramzan collaborates with the authorities and sacrifices what he loves the most.

Masha Novikova is exploring the topic of Chechnya war since she worked for the documentary Train to Grozny by Leo de Boer in 2000.

‘Sacred Ground’

Some time ago they would come here to walk their dogs, play with their kids or jog. They are two hostile parties now. Every Sunday, half of them come to pray by a wooden cross, and another half is there to defend a spot of land, which they want to stay public.

The film focuses on a story of Torfyanka, a small park where contention between the believers and park defenders has turned into a severe struggle with night watches, physical fights and mutual offence.

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