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Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) is pleased to invite you to the Magnetic Latvia Film Conference taking place on 18–19 October 2019, in Riga. During the first day of the Conference, dedicated to film market development in Northern Europe, speakers will address the challenges and factors, which relatively small countries should consider for international marketing, entering major global markets and highlighting the value of local production on the global arena. On the second day of the Conference, we invite our guests to make a fabulous experience and enduring memories on locations tour – Latvia’s geographic position has made it a bone of contention for various empires, but we are proudly keeping alive our cultural diversity, polishing our historical values and adoring our various landscapes. [buttons] [supporters] For several years, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia has been actively supporting Latvia's presence on the international markets and participation of Latvian filmmakers at the markets and festivals. As the main national export body, LIAA has a great position facilitating the professional presence of Latvian filmmakers in the film B2B business. To introduce the world with Latvia’s innovations and the best of technology, literature, art, science, etc., the brand Magnetic Latvia has been created. Magnetic Latvia initiative to organize a Film Conference during the Riga International Film Festival 2019 is another step in positioning Latvia as a B2B location on the international market. Furthermore, LIAA opens an opportunity to prepare Latvian and regional filmmakers for the markets, therewith ensuring the efficiency of their market attendance and raising their business success. The Film Conference will take place in Riga – the Capital of Magnetic Latvia, the largest Baltic city, empire of Art Nouveau buildings, charming wooden residencies and dreamy medieval old town at its heart. We are expecting the attendance of a number of renowned figures of world cinema as well as young, talented and passionate filmmakers. We look forward to welcoming you in Riga!
A meeting of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian animation professionals planned as a two-day event during which participants will focus on the most current developments and issues facing the animation industry. The aim of this meeting is to create a space and forum for getting to know each other so that we can discuss and agree on new joint initiatives on a Baltic scale. The event will take place from October 18 to 19, 2019. On the first day, the focus will be on animation co-productions and will include animation studio and individual filmmaker portfolio presentations, a panel discussion of case studies, and an overview of funding opportunities; a networking event will close the evening. On the second day, there will be two separate panel discussions on the acute issues currently confronting the animation industry in the Baltics: educational opportunities for animation professionals; and problems and possible solutions concerning the distribution of animation short films for adult audiences. To apply as a presenter and to participate in the private networking events, please contact the project’s manager, Anna Zača
Virtual reality is a fascinating and rapidly growing audiovisual medium that expands the possibilities and boundaries of cinematic language. Content is indeed king (as once said founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates) and it is no less than a film festival's mission to foster and advance new approaches to VR storytelling that employ this language. To fulfil it, Riga International Film festival is teaming up with interactive production house Story Hub in order to host RIGA IFF GOES VR – regionally unique space for dialogue and co-operation among VR and film professionals as well as other members of creative industries with different fields of expertise; for virtual reality is not just a technology but also a new way of film, art form, information transmitter, entertainment platform and a valuable education tool. [supporters] RIGA IFF GOES VR will be exploring various aspects of VR – such as UX and ethics – in a set of inspiring lectures by various European and American experts. To prove VR as an impactful medium, capable of bringing valuable ideas, the festival will be hosting a 24h hackathon, where the participant teams will work on creation of educational VR content for kids and youth. Bring your own idea, or take on some of the tasks, formulated by the local community - NGOs, cultural organisations and educational initiatives. The teams will get to showcase their made product prototypes in a public presentation to potential investors, eager audiences and an international jury, who will award the best project.
SHORT RIGA: Test Screenings have been taking place for four years now. The format is closed screenings of short films by Baltic directors, after which an international panel of experts provide evaluation and recommendations for finishing the films or suggestions on how to best submit the films for festival consideration. Curators of SHORT RIGA: Test Screenings select ten promising short-form works by directors either residing in or born in the Baltics (rough cut – up to 40 min; finished films – up to 30 min). Various techniques and genres are accepted. The films are evaluated by a five-member commission of experts, the composition of which changes yearly so as to guarantee in-depth evaluations coming from different perspectives. What remains unchanged is the basic principle: to involve representatives of notable film festivals and talent scouts so that the screenings serve as a potential springboard for getting the selected films onto the festival circuit. [buttons] Screenings will take place October 24 – 25, 2019. The screening sessions are divided over two days, with the latest cuts of five films immediately analysed after each individual film’s screening. The panel of experts will have familiarised themselves with the projects in advance, but final comments and evaluations will follow only after seeing these films on the big screen. Before each film is presented, its makers will explain at which stage their film currently is and what are the main issues and questions that they wish to clarify. After screening of the said film, the experts comment and field questions. Further communication on the projects takes place at the evening networking event. Application for SHORT RIGA: Tests Screenings will be open on the homepage of RIGA IFF from July 1 to August 16, 2019 (23:59 CET). For additional information, please contact the programme representative Lauma Kaudzīte (
The European Film Academy is the major European film organisation bringing together leading filmmakers, producers, distributors and other film industry professionals. This year RIGA IFF has the honour of hosting the EFA Board’s annual autumn meeting in Riga. This will also be the Board’s last meeting before the European Film Awards ceremony. The EFA was founded in 1989 on the initiative of its first president, Ingmar Bergman. The Academy’s long-term aim is to promote European film culture as well as protect and advance the interests of the European film industry. Throughout the year, the EFA initiates and participates in a series of activities dealing with film politics as well as economic, artistic, and training aspects; the most significant EFA event, however, is the annual presentation of the European Film Awards, which this year will take place in Berlin. During the Board's visit from October 18 to 20, in addition to the Board meeting there will also be a networking event for EFA Board members, RIGA IFF FORUM guests, and Latvian film industry professionals.
SHORT RIGA: What’s up? is an informal event for SHORT RIGA guests and Baltic artists and producers who are working in short moving image format. With no protocol and only one rule – 5 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions, the participants are invited to share what they have been up to lately. The event is open for all RIGA IFF badge holders and other registered participants. In order to present your work or be an observer, you have to register. To do that, please contact the curator Anna Zača –