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The Human Shelter

The Human Shelter
Director: Boris Benjamin Bertram
DK 201858' en

Featuring striking views from the white horizon of the Arctic Circle to the cramped confines of a microflat in Tokyo, the film explores the concept of home on four continents in a variety of conditions and life situations. The stories are linked by the dignity with which a widely differing assortment of people compose their homes – a safe island and refuge in a changing world. We see how refugees in a camp arrange their living quarters in a tent, and how a museum visitor looks at the same tent.

The film radiates empathy and encourages the viewer to be a little happier. It is a story of beauty, loneliness, and hope. For architects and urban planners, the film also gives us a glimpse of the untold and diverse typology of contemporary housing in which short-term, quick-build housing is growing in demand.

Curator's point of view: A human and his house.