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Other Side Of Silence

Kita Tylos Pusė
Director: Algimantas Puipa
LT 2019100' lt

Einar and Kasparas are brothers, similar, but still very different people. They did not see each other for all eternity, though their house was separated by the river. Everyday they watch each other from afar, know when anyone is burning the oven, going to bed and so on. 

This simple but intriguing story follows two brothers, Olaf and Hader. In their youth they both loved the same woman named Mina who was one brother’s wife and the other’s mistress. A child born from this love, Lars, died and both brothers were to blame. In his works, Algimants Puipa usually concentrates on adaptations of domestic literature, and on expressing the mentality of Lithuanian fishermen and rural people.

Curator's point of view: Almost Biblical motives in the film by the Lithuanian film classic. A parable about brothers and silence, as heavy as the flooded nearby plains.

In the screening: Meeting with filmmakers