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The Two of Us

Skjold & Isabel
Director: Emil Næsby Hansen
DK 201862' da

A summer in Copenhagen. Skjold and Isabel are no longer lovers, but they will always be each other’s first love. We are thrown directly into the midst of their break-up in a whirlwind of conversations, fights and happy moments. It is a vulnerable and confusing time for the two teenagers, trying to define what they are as a couple and as individuals.

This feature documentary debut of the director is a celebration of youth, love, beauty and the city. It took six months from the time he first met the couple until he turned on the camera. Hansen admits: “We had a lot of things in common. When I was that age, I was seeking out everything nervy and edgy, exciting and cool as well. We shared the same appetite and anarchic approach to our surroundings.”

Curator's point of view: Danish films for young people are characterized by very authentic feel of the tumultuous and intense period in one’s life.