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Dreaming Murakami

Dreaming Murakami
Director: Nitesh Anjaan
DK 201758' da, ja, en

Mette Holm has been translating the work of Japanese author Haruki Murakami into Danish for many years. While she struggles to find the perfect sentences capable of communicating what the solitary, daydreaming characters are trying to tell us, the boundary between reality and fiction begins to blur. A two-meter-tall frog shows up at an underground station in Tokyo, determined to engage the translator in its fight against the gigantic Worm, which is slowly waking from a deep sleep, ready to destroy the world with hatred. 

With this film, the director wishes to thank the literary translators for their difficult and important art, as in this murky mirror of life, translation offers the clarity to see ourselves reflected in the stories of others.

Curator's point of view: Translator as a medium, decoder, creator and servant – what does it mean to live in Murakami’s world?