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Before the Day Breaks

Saule brauca debesīs
Director: Roze Stiebra
LV 201875' lv

When the Sun and Moon's baby girl is kidnapped, the distraught parents beg humans to retrieve her. Thus Nabašnieks, along with the Girl and her little Brother set out on a journey to face both monsters and their own fears. They have just three days: if the Sun's daughter is not found, she will lose her magic powers. An exciting adventure follows, during which everyone must prove their courage, wit, exceptional endurance and helpfulness.

A visual poem about Latvia as the daughter of the Sun, who is born in darkness, gets kidnapped but is later released to blossom like a beautiful flower in eternity. This film is a collaboration between Locomotive Productions and Roze Stiebra, the founder of Latvian hand-drawn animation, director of 62 films.