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Palace for the People

Palace for the People
Directors: Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov
BG, DE, RO 201876' bg, en, ro, ru, sr

The story of socialist-era projects in former socialist bloc countries that, much as historical castles and cathedrals, continue to be of interest to people in terms of their size, funding and scale. Moscow, Belgrade, Berlin, Sofia and Bucharest – five palaces, five different fates, and many more life stories of the people involved. Which of these buildings is still amazing people today? Which one is still being used by the grandchildren of its first inhabitants? Which one has disappeared, and which one have most people never even heard of?

The People's Palace documents the endangered legacy of socialist-era architecture in Europe (or, in some cases, the remnants of what little is left). At the same time, the film cleverly communicates our own attitude towards this architecture – including criticism, admiration, and a longing for what is now lost – complemented with masterfully chosen background music.

Curator's point of view: Architecture and interior behind the Iron Curtain.