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Gaming the Real World

Gaming the Real World
Director: Anders Eklund
SE 201673' en, sv

A look at city planning and engaging citizens in improving their living situations through computer games. The film follows planning projects around the world being spearheaded by: Mojang, the creators of the popular game Minecraft; Paradox Interactive, the publisher of Cities: Skylines; and Jose Sanchez, creator of the game Block'hood. The projects consist of both social initiatives where gamers work with various citizen groups and municipal projects in which games are used to help solve intricate problems.

This topic continues the discussion of non-traditional urban planning tools that was initiated in the first RIGA IFF architecture film programme. Much like urban activists who are ready to take to the streets to ensure that city improvements are implemented, computer gaming enthusiasts are a community that knows how to come together to find a solution. Employing tools commonly used in architecture and urban planning, games are a way to involve people of all ages and skills in planning real-life environments.

Curator's point of view: For urban environmentalists.

In the screening: ARCHITECT’S CUT opening