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Director: Denis Côté
CA 201966' no dialogues

Wilcox is of those whom exist outside the norm. Traversing deserted roads and nameless fields, he sets off to create his own mythology. Deserter, delinquent, or survivalist, the adventurer quietly roams in search of something;  in search of what could more simply be described as freedom. He is free. We might believe that he’s quasi heroic in the beautiful way he turns his back on civilization; but it’s also possible that he is simply a person without direction, and who lacks resources to orient himself. 

The director is interested in exploring themes of solitude, intimate fears, and alienation through documentary and fiction filmmaking that confronts and questions the language of cinema.

Curator's point of view: The film made in a record time on a staggeringly ascetic budget is like a deep inhale when you can become dizzy from all the fresh air (or cinema that declines from the conventional narration).

In the screening: Meeting with filmmakers