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The Tortoise and The Hare

Original title: Kilpkonn ja jänes
Director: Ülo Pikkov
Genre: Anidoc
Country: Estonia
Estimated Run time: 10 min
Producer: Ülo Pikkov, SILMVIBURLANE
Premiere: 2020
Stage of production: Post-production

A story of a mother and son and a race against a turtle where you always lose.

Ülo Pikkov is an internationally renowned filmmaker, producer and film scholar. He studied animation at the Turku Arts Academy in Finland. Has directed several award-winning animation films. Author of “Animasophy, Theoretical Writings on the Animated Film” (2010). Got his doctoral degree at the Estonian Academy of Arts with thesis “Anti-Animation: Textures of Eastern European Animated Film”.


Ülo Pikkov