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‘Karabash’ and ‘Russia According to Ekaterina’


A poetic documentary about the Russian monotown of Karabash, located in the Ural mountains. Mass media often call it ‘the most polluted town on Earth’. Two centuries of copper mining have left an impact on the local ecology, transforming the woods and hills into a Mars-like landscape.

The main force in this place where nothing ever changes is the copper smelting plant – the primary source of both employment and environmental pollution.

‘Russia According to Ekaterina’

An impossible love story between the narrator from Paris and a young woman – Ekaterina Tretyakova, descendant of the Romanov dynasty. It takes place behind the Ural mountains. Navigating between poetic illustrations of passion and schizophrenic wanderings in a hostile environment, the film draws an intimate and heart-breaking portrait of Russia.

The director strongly believes that the story was driven by some unknown and uncontrollable forces.

In the screening: Meeting with filmmakers