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My Granny From Mars

Моя бабушка с Марса
Director: Alexander Mihalkovich
BY, UA, EE 201872' ru

The director’s granny Zina had lived in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and, after retirement, she moved to Crimea. Cheerful and bossy, she has always been uniting the big family. 

After the annexation of Crimea by Russia, visiting her has become an endless hustle. The place has turned into ‘a distant planet’, like Mars, and its environment is unfriendly towards the lonely woman. For many reasons, the time has come for her to make a crucial decision.

Curator's point of view: Russia annexed Crimea along with the grandmother and her plans for a happy living at the old age. The grandmother turned out to be the only one in the company of her peers who did not appreciate this gesture of the Eastern neighbor.