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Festival Pass Terms and Conditions

These terms apply to everyone using Riga International Film Festival (the “Festival”) Festival pass (the “Accreditation card”) and have been bought a Festival Pass.

  1. The Accreditation card can be received by any guest who has bought the Festival Pass on Festival’s website (
  2. The Accreditation card can be obtained at the Festival information centre at Splendid Palace (Elizabetes street 61, Riga) from October 17 12:00. Opening hours of the Information centre during the Festival are: on working days from 12:00 to 22:00 and on weekends from 10:00 to 22:00.
  3. The Accreditation card may be used by a guest whose name and photo are displayed on the Accreditation card.
  4. With the Accreditation card the guest can visit any Festival’s screening and event using the 8-character code (the “Code”) what is displayed on the Accreditation card. It is possible to withdraw only one ticket with each Accreditation card.
  5. Before October 17 the buyer of Festival Pass can use the code what can be found on the ticket to withdraw tickets for screenings at Festival’s webite (
  6. The festival does not guarantee the opportunity to attend the show if the ticket to the show is not withdrawn before the show and the screening hall is full.
  7. Tickets for the screening can be withdrawn on the Festival website ( To withdraw tickets:
    1. Go to Festival website;
    2. Choose the screening you want to attend;
    3. Click “Purchase”;
    4. Enter the Code in the box provided and click “Confirm”;
    5. Add 1 accreditation ticket;
    6. Registration is not mandatory, but it will speed up the withdrawal time of the next ticket withdrawal;
    7. Choose your ticket delivery method and press “Continue”;
    8. Review your selection to make sure the total is € 0.00;
    9. Click “Pay”.
  8. At the entrance, the guest is obliged to present both the withdrawn ticket and the Accreditation card.
  9. The number of tickets that can be withdrawn by the code, is limited. If a Ticket Withdrawal is not possible, the Accredited Guest can attend the screenings, waiting for all the guests with tickets to enter the hall and take any vacant seat.
  10. If the Accreditation card is lost, please contact the Festival Information Center.
  11. With the Accreditation card it is possible to withdraw tickets for all sessions, except for the Festival opening night.