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Production company: Vars-Studio, Zentropa Spain
Genre: Fairy tale
Countries: Georgia, Spain
Estimated run time (min): 90
Directors: George Varsimashvili, Avtandil Varsimashvili
Producers: George Varsimashvili
Stage of the project: Early development
Estimated date of the project: 25/12/2019
Looking for: Co-production, Distribution, Sales agents, Broadcasters, Festivals, Funding
Target audience: 6 – 40


A frustrated actor works as a Santa Claus. One day he discovers a homeless boy, who is not able to speak. He gives him a shelter and his life starts to change.

About the director

George Varsimashvili is a Georgian writer and director born in Tbilisi in 1986. After graduating university in Georgia, he went to study film making in Paris 8 university, obtaining bachelor’s and master’s degree)and ESRA Paris film school. During his studies he made a dozen of short films, which traveled on different film festivals. He shot his debut feature film “Particulier à Particulier” (2012) in France. Although film didn’t have any producer or distributor behind it and had a minor budget, equal of a student short film, it was still released theatrically in France, Russia and Georgia. This achievement brought him recognition in his homeland, where he is working on various film projects. In 2016 he made a film for the national television “Dzmebi Qalaqshi”.

About the production company

Vars-Studio is a film production company based in Tbilisi Georgia. Since its foundation in 2008, we made 8 feature films as a main producer and several other projects as a service company. Our 2009 film “Kvelaperi Kargad Ikneba” broke Georgia’s box office rating and is considered as commercially the most successful film since the independence in 1991.


Zentropa Spain is a subsidiary entity of Zentropa Denmark. It took part in most of Lars Von Trier’s movies as a co-producer. Company has made independently several films and has a history of being on major festivals, including Cannes official selections.

Project representative

George Varsimashvili
Director, producer