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Director/author: Una Cekule
Genre: Fiction
Country: Latvia
Estimated run time: 15 min
Producer: Gunda Bergmane,
Premiere: 2018
Stage of production: Planned to be in a final stage of editing by October 2018

Young woman Duna remembers her previous lives in different centuries. Each one of the lives is connected with one person who kills Duna every time. Duna finds herself in a situation where she has the opportunity to escape from this endless circle, sacrificing what is most dearest to her.

Director, author

Una Cekule
Una Cekule is a Bachelor student of Audiovisual Arts specialisation - film directing in Latvian Academy of Culture. Created several fiction and documentary short films, such as documentary ‘Deeper’ and fiction short film ‘Duna’. Participated in ‘Rīgas kino’ and other project master classes.