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Killer, Penguin, Tom, Doll Face

Production company: Joni Art, Insomniak, Institute for Transmedia Design
Genre: Hybrid / Animation/ VR (+ feature film, web series)
Countries: Lithuania, France, Slovenia, Germany
Estimated run time (min): 10
Director: Tomas Tamosaitis
Producers: Tomas Tamosaitis, Emmanuel Rouglan, Sara Bozanic
Stage of the project: Early development
Estimated date of the project: 11/2020
Looking for: Co-production, Distribution, Sales agents, Broadcasters, Festivals, Funding
Target audience: 14+


“Killer, Penguin, Doll Face” is a story of socially excluded and alienated teenagers, who live in the Universe – the HOUSE for troubled – where the usual laws of space and time do not apply.

About the director

Tomas Tamosaitis gained his film education in the Theatre and Film Department of the Lithuanian Music Academy, then continued his studies at the European Film College in Denmark and at the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film directing in Poland.
Tomas is interested in and committed to making films that often explore the fine line between the different forms of the medium of film. Tomas is a co-owner of the Joni Art production company, where he works on the development and production of various animation, documentary, film and TV projects.
Tomas Tamosaitis is also the author of film and culture related reviews for journals and newspapers, a Lithuanian Film Program producer for the Summer Film Academy in Poland, and a lecturer at the Vilnius Film Centre.

About the production company

Joni Art is a young and dynamic production company created in 2008 and based in Vilnius, Lithuania. The trademark of Joni Art is to experiment with multiple techniques, through combining innovative and traditional approaches, creating entertaining and convincing films that leave a memorable and long lasting impact. Joni Art is committed to developing and producing films that reflects emotions and stories beyond borders. The films produced by Joni Art are very successful at the film festivals and were awarded various international and national awards.
Joni Art is organizing and conducting training, where the techniques of animation and filmmaking process are being introduced to young audience.

Project representatives

Tomas Tamosaitis
Producer, author, director

Emmanuel Rouglan
Producer, author