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Director: Ermīns Baltais
Genre: Fiction
Country: Latvia
Length: 20 min
Producer: Aija Bērziņa, Tasse Film,
Premiere: 2019
Stage of production: Last touch-ups before the final cut, no final sound and no color grading

Feith and Dallas, a married couple, are struck with news on their son’s sudden death. They are going to the morgue to recognise his remains. Meanwhile on the same road 17 years ago they find out that they might become parents. In a lonely gas tank they stop to meet themselves from 17 years ago and have no choice, they must confront their past and future.

Scriptwriter and director

Ermīns Baltais
Scriptwriter and director Ermīns Baltais has graduated The Baltic Film and Media School. He has been working as the first and second ID for commercials and films and as DOP for many short films. The film ‘Gently into the night’ is his first directing experience.