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Vienas gyvenimas

Director: Marija Stonytė
Genre: Documentary
Country: Lithuania
Estimated run time: 20 min
Producer: Andrėja Čebatavičiūtė, Moonmakers,
Premiere: 2018
Stage of production: Starting visual post-production, finalizing film sound design and soundtrack with a composer planned by the middle of October 2018

The unusual life of a commercially produced butterfly. In the private farm, butterfly is born only to be sold as a prop for a classical concert. His journey to the music hall reflects struggle to survive in the modern day civilization.


Marija Stonytė
Marija was born in 1991, Vilnius, Lithuania. Studied BA and MA in Film Directing at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre and at Escola Superior Artistica do Porto, Portugal. Created short fiction and documentary films, gaining awards, including ‘Best Student Film’at the Lithuanian Film Academy Awards in 2017 and 2010 and The Young Artist Award 2017 by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture. Selected participant in IDFAcademy 2016.