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Production company: A Film Estonia, A Film Production ApS
Genre: Adventure, Animation
Countries: Estonia/Denmark
Estimated run time (min): 73
Directors: Meelis Arulepp, Karsten Kiilerich
Producers: Kristel Tõldsepp, Anders Mastrup
Stage of the project: Production
Estimated date of the project: 17/01/2020
Looking for: Distribution, Broadcasters
Target audience: 4 – 8


A story about a very special and very charming living doll that causes a bit of jealousy between brother and sister, but eventually brings them closer together.

About the director

Meelis Arulepp has worked as an animator in various animation studios since 1987, in 1994 he co-founded A Film Estonia. Meelis has worked as the creative head of the studio since then. Meelis’ filmography includes over 30 feature films, where he has been directing animator, designer, storyboarder or supervisor. Meelis has co-directed 8 short films and over 300 commercials. He is also well know book illustrator and caricaturist. Karsten Kiilerich is one of the founders of A.Film, the largest animation studio in Denmark. Karsten has experience in all branches of animation, ranging from feature-films, shorts and TV-series. He has worked as an animator, script writer, director, concept-developer and creative producer. In addition, Karsten Kiilerich is a winner of a large number of international film prizes and was Oscar nominated in 1999 (Director – “When life departs”).

About the production company

A Film Estonia is an animation studio in Tallinn, Estonia, established in 1994. As a production house, it produces 2D and 3D animation for feature-length movies, broadcast TV, educational productions and commercials. A Film Estonia was mainly a sub-contracting studio up until 2005. The studio has worked for many major European and US studios including Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Prima Linea, Rome Animation, Anima Vitae. In 2005 A Film Estonia started with their own productions and has produced 8 short films since then. A Film Estonia animators and designers have also created illustrations for various publications and designed logos and designs for different products.

Project representatives

Kristel Tõldsepp
A Film Estonia

Meelis Arulepp