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Director/author: Sergei Kibus (director/author), Pärtel Tall (art. director/co-author)
Genre: Animation
Country: Estonia
Estimated run time: 15 min
Producer: Andres Mänd, Nukufilm OÜ,
Premiere: 2018
Stage of production: Film is mostly finished, no colour correction and no final audio mix

A tale of freedom and compassion, set in the 1980s. Cat Teofrastus lives a homeless life at a train station. One day, he is offered a home. However, happy life in the countryside is short-lived when Teofrastus is taken to the big city and gets lost on the streets.

Director, author

Sergei Kibus
Sergei Kibus has graduated from Baltic Film, Arts, Media and Communication school 10 years ago.