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The Nap

Production company: VFS FILMS
Genre: Action, Animated triller
Countries: Latvia
Estimated run time (min): 26
Director: Nils Skapāns
Producers: Uldis Cekulis
Stage of the project: Early development
Estimated date of the project: 01/06/2021
Looking for: Co-production, Funding
Target audience: 8 – 12


Thou shalt not steal my dreams!

About the director

Nils Skapāns is experienced artist, he have directed more than 30 animations.
Nils Skapāns: “I like today’s technologies and the opportunities they give. And I also use them. But I must say that it is often because I have to and not because I want to. It is all good but… sometimes it makes me sick to think about how involved, addicted and calculable we have become. It is stupid that a software can calculate what we want and, what is even crazier, that it knows how to make us get something we do not need. I might be naive but I believe in one’s common sense, fantasy and natural rowdiness that does not succumb to this ‘artificial intellect’. And that is what my new movie will be about.It will not save or even change the world, but at least I will have expressed my point of view.”

About the production company

VFS FILMS is an independent production company which houses a group of talented filmmakers around a tight nucleus – best at telling human stories through award-winning creative documentaries. Most of VFS films such as European Film Academy nominated “Dreamland” as well as “Theodore”, “Ramin”, “Liberation Day”, “Wonderful Losers” and 2015 IDFA Special Jury prize awarded “Ukrainian Sheriffs” have travelled around the world. This will be our second animation project, but we have used lot of animated elements to enhance the stories in our documentaries.

Project representatives

Uldis Cekulis

Nils Skapāns
author, director
VFS Films