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Therapy (working title)

Director/author: Armands Začs
Genre: Documentary
Country: Latvia
Estimated run time: 26 min, international cut 15 min
Producer: Antra Gaile. Mistrus Media,
Project of ‘Latvian code. Latvia 100’ Public Television support.
Premiere: 2018/2019
Stage of production: No color correction, no sound design

I have this feeling that I have never had my own thoughts and feelings, always those have been the thoughts, the ideas and feelings of others, and I have just existed among those.

Director, author

Armands Začs
Latvian director Armands Začs graduated from Latvian Culture Academy with a Bachelor degree in film directing. Since then he has focused on film editing working on numerous feature films, documentaries and short films. Recently he directed his debut documentary ‘If trees could talk’. Right now he is working on his first feature length documentary - ‘36 months’.