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Totally Boss

Production company: Nafta Films
Genre: Comedy, Family
Countries: Estonia
Estimated run time (min): 90
Director: Ingomar Vihmar
Producers: Diana Mikita, Esko Rips
Stage of the project: Early development
Estimated date of the project: 2020
Looking for: Co-production, Sales agents, Broadcasters, Funding
Target audience: 8 – 15


Clever teenage boys Oliver and Sass create an ingenious new product that draws the attention of a sneaky investor. The boys begin a scheme that turns both their business and family life upside down.

About the director

Ingomar Vihmar has previously worked as an actor and director at the Ugala Theatre for some ten years, he’s been a freelance director for a few years and worked as a copywriter at an ad agency. After all that he worked as a director at the Estonian Drama Theatre for about ten years and since 2015 he has been the creative director of Endla Theatre.

About the production company

Since 2009, Nafta Films has been producing audiovisual content of all forms (film, TV productions, TV commercials). The first feature film produced by Nafta Films, the family adventure film “Secret Society of Souptown”, rapidly ascended to become Estonia’s most watched family film of all time and subsequently was sold by Beta Film to eight countries and to Netflix U.S.A. Nafta Films has produced and participated in the production of several television serials (“After School”), produced for the Russian market in cooperation with Walt Disney Productions, and the science fiction serial “IT-Planet” in co-production with the Estonian National Broadcasting Corporation. On top of this, we have internationally co-produced two feature films and numerous short films.

Project representative

Diana Mikita
Nafta Films