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16 – 18 October

Initially launched in 2018 under the name RIGA IFF GOES VR, this programme is a regionally unique meeting and learning platform, designed to promote and inspire cooperation between cinema and virtual reality. This year we are opening our doors to other immersive mediums besides VR, like augmented and mixed reality. Therefore, starting from 2020, this programme of inspirational talks and hackathon will take place under a new name – RIGA IFF GOES XR!

– Our series of inspirational talks will help you find out where this immersive frenzy is going, why cinema should be open to using XR and what benefits film professionals can get from, or bring to XR. Whatever your field and level of expertise – be it film, tech or other – join us to hear some exciting case studies and learn about creating and distributing immersive content! 

– As the number of XR use cases grows by the day, at our round-the-clock hackathon, you can put your newly acquired (or polished) skills into action and test your abilities. An exciting and inspiring experience, the RIGA IFF GOES XR hackathon explores the impact that can be made when audiovisual storytellers, filmmakers, techies and innovators join forces! At the festival we prioritise quality audiovisual content that can benefit children, youth and educators. We are therefore teaming up with local organisations that will inspire the participants of the hackathon to make prototypes for educational use.

We encourage you to join whatever your level of expertise is – don’t be shy if you are just starting out in XR, or are just curious! The medium is still young, so everyone is a beginner! We have a team of passionate XR experts on hand tol mentor the hackathon and provide the teams with guidance. As the Oscar–nominated director of photography Caleb Deschanel said earlier this year: “VR is still waiting for its Orson Welles”. So, who knows, maybe it’s you?

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