19 – 20/10/2018

RIGA IFF FORUM is a meeting point for creators of children’s and youth film from the Baltic Sea region and Central Europe. RIGA IFF FORUM is a compact two day event, consisting of:

Film project pitching session for an audience of international producers and buyers;

Pitching session for children’s audience;
One-to-one meetings and informal networking mingles.

Submissions open in April 2018. The results will be announced in August, 2018.


Every year the ZIP-MEETING picks a different field within the industry to focus on and provides the time and space for an intensive yet informal networking session. ZIP-MEETING has already hosted film producers who wish to widen their horizons in the Baltics and film location scouts and managers from the three Baltic countries.

This year’s topic and participants will be announced in May, 2018.



We believe in a burst of creativity when the Baltics come together! The TALENT LAB is an educational and networking platform that aims at creating a better engagement between the different disciplines within film-making. It includes sets of workshops, lectures, inspiring talks, discussions and networking events – all aimed at the talented Baltic professionals, film students and film enthusiasts. In 2018, the BFTL will cover a wide as ever variety of topics such as film editing, storytelling, film music creation and criticism as a fundamental part of art processes. The platform also brings together the young short film makers from close and afar giving an opportunity to present their work for international industry experts.

Below you will find the various Baltic Film Talent Lab programmes that you can enter and the submission dates.

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Focus on Film Editing

In a series of public lectures and case studies participants are invited to map different modes of collaboration between film director and editor and get behind the scenes of editing some of the most prominent contemporary film classics. Alongside the public events, selected participants will have a chance to gain hands-on experience by editing various projects with footage provided to them in class and learn about technical and practical aspects of film editing.

Submissions open in May 2018. The results will be announced in August, 2018

Focus on Film Music

The set of events intended for film directors and music composers will kick-off for the second year with an even deeper focus on film music creation’s practical side – along with case-study sessions that are to reveal real-world examples of a creative approach in film, the audience is invited to take part in an inspirational talk with an experienced music composer who will tell all about his/her own way from first getting into the sound studio up until working with the biggest Hollywood productions, yet still keeping hands on the European cinema pulse.

Submission dates coming soon.

Storytelling – a case study session

How does a story happen? From the idea – to the first, second, third, [..] final draft, from the first cut – to the [..] last one: a step-by-step case study session of a film is to help the audience to understand what happens with the story on its way from the creator’s head to the big screens. How do you start? Who is involved and why? How to make the right decisions and who is the one deciding? How to live with it?

Submission dates coming soon.

SHORT RIGA: Test Screenings

The section is dedicated to young talents eager to learn, practice, get inspired and expand their creative horizons: each year 8-10 young film-makers from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are invited to present their short films to a panel of international experts that provide an in-depth analysis of their work, thus the competition take-away is valuable feedback from both industry professionals and peers.

Submissions open in March 8, 2018. The results will be announced in August, 2018.


SHORT RIGA: Morning Coffee with filmmakers

Get your morning coffee along with a news feed on upcoming shorts in the Baltics and beyond! For two mornings up to 6 short film world players are invited to tell about their latests projects and after – plenty of time for mingling with the audience: industry experts, short film fans and each other!

Submissions open in March 2018 The results will be announced in September, 2018.

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The unique networking platform is dedicated to those who seek an international collaboration with screenwriting professionals from all over Europe. Each year, 10 – 12 film project representatives come to Riga for individual face-to-face meetings with their new, possibly best, friends – scriptwriters, editors and consultants to discuss potential partnerships for developing the screenplays. Along the business meetings the participants are invited to enjoy the festival atmosphere in the screening halls, networking and educational events.

Submissions open in May 2018. The selection results will be announced in August, 2018.