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Previously in RIGA IFF…

Here you can immerse yourself in our brief but rich history. Additionally, video recordings of the most engaging public events, discussions, lectures and interviews have been compiled here.

The 8th edition of the Riga International Film Festival (RIGA IFF) opened on 14 October, with the Latvian premiere of The Rossellinis! With more than 100 films screening in 10 thematic sections, including several competitions, this festival edition not only took place at the Splendid Palace cinema, the “home” of RIGA IFF, and at the National Library of Latvia, but also in Madona, Valmiermuiža and online throughout Latvia. 

The 2021 edition slogan, “There is always time”, is a reflection of the festival creators’ own ideas and contemplations, as well as of the way that the format of cinema plays with time, a concept that simultaneously anchors reality and is its seemingly most undefinable feature.

This page is being updated to feature all the recordings that took place during the festival. These videos are directly available on our Youtube channel.

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