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Baltic Music Video

What is a music video? We ask this question every year, and every year we discover something we never thought of before. The basic gist of the answer does not change, however: a music video is an audiovisual event that must be experienced together. Sometimes it’s like an arena for bold experiments; at other times it reaches new technological summits, redefining the possibilities of the genre. And then there are videos that, although they use an already familiar audiovisual language, manage to say something utterly unexpected. We are interested in getting to know this always new and changing playing field where image and music interact according to laws unique to them.

The Baltic Music Video Competition screening welcomes viewers, festival guests, filmmakers and musicians to come together and experience music videos in all their glory and craziness. A screening event you are sure to remember!

In This Screening

Nu reality
Kristjan Tenso
Es tevi uzsperšu gaisā
Marta Elīna Martinsone
Fine line
Anna Ansone
Titas Sūdžius
Tuusad tüdrukud on tuusad
Frank-Leander Sapego
Jaan Sinka
Zbanski Kino
Antons Barons
Sea of Islands
Agata Melnikova
You were the light
Lizete Upīte
Laika ziņa
Jānis Ābele
Janar Aronija
Down the River
Ivar Murd & Zbanski Kino
Kādā krāsā
Artūrs Streļuks
Bruises on her legs
Ignė Narbutaitė, Kabloonak
Tehke Ruumi!
Janar Aronija
Pijus Vėberis


Krista Burāne

Krista Burāne is an artist who works on an interdisciplinary scale and in various cultural fields – documentary film, theatre, photography, and education. Her works always have a socially active position and invite the viewer to participate and co-create – not only on the specific work of art but in life in general. Burāne’s works have received both the Latvian National Film Award Lielais Kristaps and a Latvian Theater Award (Spēlmaņu nakts balva), and have been shown at theatre and film festivals in London, Copenhagen, The Hague, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Moscow, and elsewhere.

Dāvis Eņģelis

Dāvis Eņģelis is a musicologist, music reviewer, and programme host on Latvian Radio 3 ‘Klasika’. He has written for the magazine ‘Mūzikas Saule’ and many other cultural media. He is currently studying for his doctorate, and is interested in the interaction of music and language. In 2018, he received the Young Critics Award at the Normunds Naumanis Art Critic of the Year awards ceremony.

Otto Kylmälä

Otto Kylmälä is a Finnish filmmaker, film critic, who has served as a jury member for short film and music video competitions, as well as an artistic director for several film festivals. His latest work as a producer, The Moonshiners (Salaviinanpolttajat, 2017) was nominated as the best short film in the Finnish Oscar's. Currently is the programmer of the Finnish Film Archive's cinematheque in Helsinki.

Zane Onckule

Zane Onckule is an experienced curator and a Programme Director and Curator at Kim? Contemporary Art Centre in Riga. She has organised, curated and co-curated exhibitions, parallel programming as well as edited publications in collaboration with a wide range of artists, curators and theoreticians. Interested in the artistic modes of language, writing, anti-production, and notion of retreat, all seen through the perspective of art practices and their conditions.

Etienne Tricard

Etienne Tricard is the music curator for Les Arcs Film Festival, a major cultural event with a focus on the promotion of European talents in its diversity and A&R. Music Supervisor at My Melody working on films, series and ads, co-founder of Baguette Publishing, home for emerging indie musicians and manager of Australian artist Merryn Jeann and French band Why Mud.