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Green Charter for Film Festivals

The Green Charter For Film Festivals is an initiative that calls for 2020 to be seen as the starting point for an ever-improving practice of organising more environmentally friendly festivals. Every film festival, regardless of its size, is invited to improve their environmental impact on its city and country.

The main goal is to create a platform that gathers information about practical environmentally friendly solutions for various stages of festival organisation; a platform where festival representatives can share their ideas, experiences and recommendations for service providers, etc. The Green Charter is not a call for strict guidelines on how to organise the “greenest” festival; it is a community that helps each festival be more aware of its activities and their impact on the environment, and to commit to improving with each year.

Several lectures and a discussion devoted to the Green Charter initiative will take place at RIGA IFF, during which both event organisers and filmmakers, as well as festival attendees, will be able to learn more about environmentally friendly filmmaking, festival organising and each person’s individual responsibility in this time of climate change. The short lectures will be accompanied by case studies of international film festivals and various projects. In addition, the discussion, which is organised in partnership with the Latvian Fund for Nature, will draw attention to topical issues and help develop individual goals.

The event will take place online. If you have any questions, please contact Project Coordinator Paula Berzina:


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