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The medium of choice inevitably plays an important role when conveying a story, but what are the main factors that make a creator opt for extended reality (XR) instead of some more conventional forms of audiovisual stroytelling?

This time around we will be tackling the different aspects of employment and implementation of immersive media in creative industries and exploring some of the most fascinating case studies that include the use of extended reality.

RIGA IFF has been working with the XR medium since 2018, when RIGA IFF GOES XR was launched. This educational industry programme of the festival featured a set of lectures and a hackathon. Developing and following the track of progress, the section – now under the name of Extended Realities – will continue to serve as a meeting point for those culture and education workers, who wish to integrate XR in their work and learn about this new medium.

Learn from others. XR case studies.

Tune in to this inspiring set of case studies for learning about how extended reality can be best used in culture and education. Selected international experts will share their expertise and know-how on how they got their XR projects on wheels, starting from funding to distribution. If you are interested in film, tech or just having fun with XR medium, this will be the best place for you.

Let’s talk about money. Panel discussion.

This panel discussion will provide you with an answer to whatever question you might have about starting, developing and distributing an XR product in the field of culture and education. Investors, financial fund representatives and tech experts will discuss XR project funding opportunities, possibilities and provide you with useful knowledge, where to look for funds, how to develop and market your XR project. Gain some amazing knowledge to make a real impact in the world of audiovisual possibilities!


15. okt., 18.00

16. okt., 18.00

17. okt., 18.00