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The aim of BALTIC ANIMATION MEET-UP is to create a space and forum for participants to get to know one another, discuss and agree on new joint initiatives on a Baltic scale.

To change it up a bit, this year’s Meet-Up will expand outside the Baltic region. Animation professionals will have the chance to learn more about the Canadian animation industry at an in-depth conversation with co-producers Marc Bertrand (NFB / Canada) and Vladimir Leschiov (Lunohod / Latvia).

Bertrand and Leschiov co-produced RAINY DAYS together, a short film directed by Leschiov himself. While audiences have the possibility to see the film in the SHORT RIGA PERSONA programme, this industry event will introduce attendees to the Canadian animation scene and concentrate on the co-production opportunities between these two very different countries. The focus will be on various sides of production, like financing, as well as the more creative aspects of co-production. The conversation will also explain how the partnership worked from a practical point of view.

There will be time during the conversation for questions from the audience. Feel free to send your questions in advance to Project Manager Lauma Kaudzīte (lauma@rigaiff.lv).


19. oktobris, plkst. 16.00


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