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Riga International Film festival has been rapidly becoming a well noticed happening in Baltic region and on the overall European film scene. Here you can quickly immerse yourself in our brief but rich history and evolution of the festival through years.


RIGA IFF 2018 takes place from 18 to 31 October. Opening film – “The Mover”/“Tēvs Nakts” (dir. Dāvis Sīmanis; prod. Mistrus Media; Latvia). RIGA IFF Award goes to “Core of the World”/”Сердце мира” (dir. Natalya Meshchaninova; prod. Just a Moment; Russia, Lithuania). A remarkable achievement for the programme section SHORT RIGA – the European Film Academy has invited RIGA IFF to join the special circle of those festivals that select the nominations for the award category 'European Short Film' at the European Film Awards. 6 Latvian films are premiered – more than ever before in the history of the festival. The audience highly praises ARCHITECT'S CUT – the new programme section devoted to architecture and architects.


RIGA IFF 2017 takes place from 7 to 17 September. The Opening event features both film and music – the composer Platons Buravickis musically enlivens a cinematic story "Sound We See: Riga" shot on 16mm film. This project was initiated and conducted by the founders of Echo Park Film Center based in Los Angeles and elaborated by 24 inhabitants of Riga: artists, writers, photographers, architects, and designers. The creative laboratory Baltic Film Talent Lab focuses on film score and its composing process. RIGA IFF Award goes to “November” (dir. Rainers Sarnets; prod. Homeless Bob Production, Opus Film, PRPL; Estonia) The festival presents 120 films in 9 programme sections and 30 events.


RIGA IFF 2016 takes place from 13 to 23 October. Opening film – the premiere of documentary “Close Relations”/”Rodnye” (dir. Vitaly Mansky; prod. Vertov, Ego Media, Saxonia Entertainment, Baltic Film Production; Latvia, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine) The Industry events section of the festival expands – an international film market RIGA IFF FORUM with a focus on European film projects for children's audience is launched. The RIGA IFF Award goes to “Exiled “/“Pelnu Sanatorija” (dir. Dāvis Sīmanis; prod. Locomotive Productions, Studio Uljana Kim; Latvia, Lithuania) The festival presents 100 films in 8 programme sections and 20 events.


RIGA IFF 2015 takes place from 15 to 25 October. Opening film – the premiere of documentary “Double Aliens”/ “Dubultie Svešinieki” (dir. Uģis Olte; prod. VFS Films; Latvia, Georgia). RIGA IFF Feature Film Competition is launched. Its first winner – the documentary “The Event”/”Событие” (dir. Sergei Loznitsa; prod. Atoms & Void; Netherlands, Belgium). The exhibition “In Search of Cinemas Lost ” offers a unique opportunity to find out how the cinema buildings have changed the features of Riga. The festival presents 93 films in 8 programme sections and close to 20 events.


RIGA IFF 2014 takes place from 2 to 12 December. Opening film – the documentary “Beyond the Fear”/“Baiļu robeža” (dir. Herz Frank, Maria Kravchenko; prod. Ego Media; Latvia). The National Film Festival “Lielais Kristaps” is held within the framework of RIGA IFF. During the awards ceremony, the Lifetime Achievement Award is bestowed to film director and cinematographer Ivars Seleckis and editor Maija Selecka by the honorary guest of RIGA IFF – Norwegian actress and director Liv Ullmann. The festival presents 127 films in 10 programme sections.